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Aromatherapy 10 extraordinary health benefits

Aromatherapy is a form of natural treatment based on essential oils useful for solving problems and disorders both physically and psychologically. Alongside the essential oils, other natural elements are used that serve as vectors to the substances present in the essences, such as salt and vegetable oils.

To spread essential oils into the environment, there are specific tools suitable for both the home and the office. Aromatherapy guarantees positive effects against the symptoms of PMS, stress, influenza and more. Let’s discover together ten of its best known benefits.

1) Cough and cold

Aromatherapy is particularly effective in the treatment of coughs and colds. There are many herbal products spray to clear the nose, calm the cough or relieve the sore throat formulated with essential oils. The simplest use of aromatherapy in cases of cough or cold consists of suffumigi with boiling water and essential oil of eucalyptus or thyme.

2) Stress

Aromatherapy reduces stress. This is the best known health benefit for this natural therapy. Undergoing an aromatherapy treatment relieves the symptoms of stress. Some essential oils, such as basil essential oil, are known for their anti-stress and antidepressant effect. Essential oils with a calming power par excellence are extracted from lavender and chamomile flowers.

3) Behavior

The essential oils used in aromatherapy affect our behavior. The essential oil of sandalwood can lead to calm the mind and the nerves, leading us to carry out our actions with greater tranquility. Other essential oils can instead give us new energy and lead us to act more readily, like the essential oil of thyme or lemon.

4) Sleep

Aromatherapy is effective against insomnia and helps improve sleep quality. The most evident effects in this regard have been associated with the essential lavender oil and the simple aroma of this flower. A useful suggestion is to vaporize on the pillow before going to sleep with natural lavender flower water, also known as lavender hydrate.

5) Childbirth

Postpartum depression is a disorder that increasingly afflicts women after pregnancy and should not be underestimated. An ally to be used against post-partum depression, according to a scientific study conducted on 365 women, involves the use of lavender essential oil to perform massages in the perineum area. In addition, essential oils are used to mitigate the pains of childbirth and labor. The British experts suggest the practice of an aromatic massage based on essential oils of bergamot, sage, jasmine, lavender, mint, incense and grapefruit.

6) Influence

Influenza symptoms can be relieved by aromatherapy. If the airways are congested, it is possible to use essential oil of eucalyptus or thyme to be massaged on the chest in small quantities, to facilitate the elimination of phlegm and germs that may be the cause of the illness.

7) Sex

Aromatherapy improves male sexual response. Some aromatic essences have been considered suitable to awaken sexual stimuli and to improve circulation in the area of ​​male genital organs. Among the most effective aromas are lavender, licorice, vanilla and spices.

8) Memory

The aroma of rosemary can improve memory. Experts have verified the positive effects of rosemary essential oil on our ability to remember and complete activities planned for certain moments of the future. Rosemary essential oil has been judged useful for improving cognitive functions in adults.

9) Work

Excessive nervousness is often breathed in the workplace and agitation reigns. With the passage of time this can lead to the emergence of uneasy situations that may include both physical and psychological disorders. To loosen the tension in the office, and to purify the air of the work environment, it is possible to spread a mixture consisting of essential oil of lavender and grapefruit in equal parts (4-6 drops each).

10) Premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome can seize women a few days after the cycle’s arrival, causing physical problems and mood swings. Pain, tension and swelling can be accompanied by sadness, irritability and mild depression. A precious help can come from aromatherapy. Essential oils can be diffused in the environment or used to make massages. We at suggest to use rose essential oil and clary sage against tears and depression, and essential oil of bergamot and geranium against irritability and tension.

Not last
The effects of aromatherapy on the skin

Instead they have properties suitable for treating skin disorders and can be applied through massages, or vapors, or added to the bath water. In these cases the essential oils are spread through the pores and layers of our skin and arrive in a short time even in the blood. That’s why we also offer our Bath Bombs

The main effects of aromatherapy on the skin are: antiseptic (antibacterial); cicatrizing, (stimulate cell regeneration, with oils such as lavender, rosemary, sage); prevent cellular deterioration (used to mummify, already by the Egyptians); repellents for insects (such as geranium essential oil); soothing, which fight skin irritations; emollients, which soften the skin (like the precious rose essential oil).

You just have to find out … your perfume ask what is your most suitable essence !!!


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