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We are a company specialized in products for psycho-physical well-being.

All our products are imported directly from the Asian countries, or manufactured directly in the United Kingdom according to ancient traditional recipes.

For our Asian suppliers we have a purchasing policy only from the small-scale producers we have personally visited. We visit at least twice a year. We believe in fair trade policy and always paying a fair price for goods rather than forcing artificially low prices !! We also feel very passionate about recycling and the use of useless packaging, therefore, unlike some wholesalers we do not use fancy packaging to sell a product, as far as possible all our packaging material has either been re-used or recycled. Our headquarters has a new warehouse is equipped with solar panels to further reduce carbon emissions!
We supply independent gift shops, SPA, Beauty Centers, Professionals, Massagers, eBayers and department stores. We are based in the United Kingdom, we serve and send weekly our products in Italy France Germany Spain all the Scandinavian countries of Eastern Europe with particular attention in Hungary as we have mother tongue, Australia and United States staff. We also have Sales Sector for B2B which allows us to keep up with customer needs and the latest trends. We are happy to advise our wholesale customers on recommended retail prices if necessary.

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