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Relax learn to know it for your well-being

With the word relax we are pointing: a small unexplored island for workers tireless from the frenetic pace that, day after day, try to keep pace with the inexorability of time. Exactly, the need for relaxation, more commonly known under the name of stress, is due to a retaliation of equilibrium: the little rest, the busy life, or simply the lack of time to devote to oneself, are all stress factors .

For the new disease of the century, which every month endures victims with the lack of self-interest and lack of interest in one’s own well-being, there is a very effective treatment in the style of life that we have called

Overwhelmed by the chaos of everyday life, often you can not find time to devote to themselves. It sinks into a tunnel of frustrating routines that, progressing, leads to a real physical and emotional breakup.

One feels absorbed by the work, the family and the obstacles facing us every day, not to mention that in order to “re-establish oneself” it is enough to carve out a small portion of the day, to be devoted to the leisure activities that are closer to one’s own. interests. The term relax is used to indicate those moments when emotional, physical and psychological relaxation prevails over routine.
Relaxation: body and mind projected towards a single objective

Relaxation is something intimate and personal, which can be translated into practical terms in “free time”, obviously the way to spend free time varies according to the interests of the subject: a walk in the air, a good book or even the classic “Sleep and sofa” or a warm bath with specific products can be considered ways to relax. Often we underestimate the importance of carving out those spaces that are fundamental to one’s personality: it is important to know that one is not only what everyday situations require us to be but, once the “day” is over, it is possible to be and do what mind and instinct impose.

The act of relaxation can be explained, in physical terms, as a transfer of control from the mind to the muscles of the whole body. In reality, relaxation is a combined work of muscle and nervous tissue with the emotional apparatus so as to interrupt the flow of thoughts and concentrate on the feelings of pleasure given by physical and emotional relaxation. The feeling of relaxation is also favored by the fact of becoming aware of what can be a source of stress and remedy it simply with a hobby.

A hobby is a personal activity that engages free time so that you experience pleasure and relaxation in times when the body needs this. Your hobbies are simply a temporary remedy to stress and the rivers of worries that you are subjected to every day; the real solution, the effective one, is simply the awareness of one’s limits and feelings and acceptance of them. In this way it is possible to undertake any activity, either dedicated to relaxation, which is used as a spur to the daily activity. Sometimes producing adrenaline promotes a feeling of well-being and muscle relaxation, thanks to the reactivity of metabolism and the release of endorphins in the body.
The oriental disciplines such as yoga, to find inner peace and physical relaxation

Obviously all these medical aspects are simply processes that happen in a completely natural way, and that promote good humor. There are many sports that have as their ultimate goal the relaxation of the mind: yoga, for example, which means “to unite”, has the purpose of assisting mental activity with muscle relaxation. Meditation is an important step in this sport, and the main source of relaxation in the individual. Beyond yoga, there are many other Eastern doctrines that bind physical and emotional meditation, such as tai-chi and zen.

Much used for relaxation, then, are the thermal paths that can bring benefits to several devices simultaneously: sauna, turkish bath, or harmonized shower, Aromatic Baths, massages, are all methods that, in addition to the abandonment of worries and the focus on of oneself, they favor an improvement of the skin, the circulation and the breathing. Relaxation, therefore, is a source of fuel for the mood, self-esteem and the success of daily activities.

Taking the famous “five-minute break” to relax one’s mind and abandon oneself to the thought of oneself is not a sign of selfishness, but of survival! One must think of one’s own well-being, always, obviously without affecting others; but “unplugging” should be a priority. Many oriental doctrines teach to communicate with the relaxation of the body, sometimes even avoiding words, so that communication improves and is not subject to misunderstandings or tensions. It is important that in our western society, which abounds with “misundestandings”, these “communicative-relaxing” techniques are introduced.

Relaxation is now for our society, something alternative but, at the same time, a “cult” that is spreading in every social class. A relaxed, fresh mind manages to achieve greater success, to be more communicative, and inner balance is much more stable. As a result, many psycho-pathologies would be avoided if there was a real admission of the need to relax. It is necessary to abolish stress as a disease, because essentially it can be fought or avoided by a good deal of self care and relaxation.


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