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Bracelet, is an article of jewelry.
It is worn on the wrist.
And it’s an embellishment for our arm.
It can be made with various materials.
From the most precious materials such as gold.
Or from simpler materials.
Like, for example, leather or fabric.
We can embellish it with precious stones.
It is used by both men and women.
It is used as an arm ornament.
But it is also used as a symbol of belonging.
Bracelets are also used in the medical field.

For identification purposes.
But over the centuries due to its round shape.
It takes on magical significance, and is also used as an amulet.
The origin of its name is Latin, and means “of the arm”.
We find the bracelets already in the Neolithic period.
The first forms made of various metals date back to the Bronze Age.
Made as circles with a rounded section.
In the Iron Age the first bracelets in gold and silver were born.
in short, the history of the bracelet follows the man from his origins.
Assuming values ​​and meanings based on the periods.
Based on the Regions and Nations they belong to.
But nowadays, bracelets are only used as accessories.
In fact, both men and women use them as clothing accessories.

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