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Basic Techniques and Maneuvers of Massage: Rubbing Rubbing Kneading Vibration Percussion.

Rubbing Rubbing Kneading Vibration Percussion. In a massage course are the maneuvers to which more attention is paid. Depending on the skills they are used for physiotherapy, aesthetics or sports
Basic techniques and maneuvers of massage

Graduality is the principle to be followed in the course of treatment and in subsequent sessions: it is good to start with light maneuvers, gradually increasing the strength and intensity of the maneuvers. Remember that fast rhythm induces an increase in tone, preparing for physical effort while a slow rhythm has analgesic and relaxing effect.
The maneuvers of the massage: Touching Rubbing kneading Vibration percussion.


It starts and ends massage with the touch. The touch is a light slipping the pressure of the hand on the skin. The main purpose is to sedate and reassure the person. In fact, with a skilful harmonious movement, it is possible to act on the sensory and pain terminations, reducing their sensitivity. In this way it is possible to prepare the person for the following actions.

Practical advice: it is better to use two hands at the same time or alternately. The aim is to give continuity to the maneuver. the hand must be extended and used in all its width including fingers. In the case in which one hand is used, the other is advisable that you have supported patient in such a way as to give continuity to the touch. The detachment of the hand involves an interruption of the energetic circuit that is created by the client masseur.


It is a maneuver similar to touch. The substantial difference is the intensity and force applied. The most determined pressure has a direct effect on the lymphatic and venous circulation. the result is that the lymphatic vessels are stimulated, also stimulating the venous return. For this reason it is essential that the rubbing direction is performed in the direction of the venous circulation itself.
Practical advice: follow the direction of the venous return, follow the direction of the muscle fibers. Return to the starting position must be performed with a light touch without taking your hands off.


While in the touch and rubbing the hands move on the body, during the clutch the hands maintain a fixed position in a point. The only movement allowed is that allowed by the limits of the skin itself. Basically only the skin flowing on the subcutaneous surfaces is moved. The effects of this maneuver vary according to the pressure we exert and the point on which it is applied. The primary function of the clutch is to unstick the scar adhesions from the skin, in this way the vascularization is improved and tissues easily see each other. Very often, this type of adhesion prevents the extension of the muscles by stiffening the muscular bone structure and not allowing a complete relaxation of the muscles.
Practical advice: on small joints it is advisable to use only the fingertips and especially the fingertip. In order to increase the pressure, it is possible to superimpose inches. If you intend to work on the muscles you can also use overlapping hands. On particularly contracted muscles, depending on the case, it is possible to use the fingers or knuckles. The residence time on the various points varies from one to 6-7 seconds and has repeated for at least 5-6 times


The technique consists of taking up and moving the muscle transversely, exerting an opposing pressure between the various fingers. It is possible to do it only in the presence of muscle mass. In this case we can distinguish two forms of kneading a superficial, and a deep one.

Pinching If you want to knead small areas, you perform a technique called pinching. This maneuver is performed between skin and subcutaneously using the thumb and the index finger together with the other fingers grasping the skin. This is also useful for detaching cutaneous and subcutaneous adhesions. This technique has a stimulating effect on the skin with vasodilating action

Deep kneading. it is usually used on large areas. The pressure on the muscle tissue is higher and it is better to use both hands alternately (when one takes the other leaves). Kneading has a draining effect as it compresses and squeezes the muscle releasing liquids

While the pinching has a greater stimulating effect on the skin with a reflex vasodilating action, the deep kneading has a greater draining effect, as it is free to the muscle from the liquids.


The percussion is performed with a series of very rapid and short tapping between them. The intensity must be variable like the force exerted according to the desired effect.You can use your fingers, the edge of your hand with your hands in a cup position.
Sedative or stimulating action of percussion. If we use the fingertips, with the flexed fingers we have a sedative effect. In contrast to the cutting hand the percussion is stronger and has a stimulating effect. In both cases the effect of improving contractility and muscle metabolism acting by reflex on the arterial circle. The stimulating action is also dependent on the nervous system


Aim of the vibration to transmit short and rapid movements that move the subcutaneous tissue and shake the body according to the applied force. It can be carried out with the fingertips with the whole hand. The vibratory action starts from the nearest part and is transmitted to the most distant part. Vibrations can be vertical or horizontal. On the limbs, it is exercised by shaking the extremities and transferring the vibratory movement to all the muscular masses. The effect will be sedative or stimulating depending on the amplitude and energy of the vibration itself.
Every person is different. Each massage, each treatment must be adapted to the person.

General advice

Every person is different, with different needs. Always adapt the massage to the constitution to the patient’s temperament. Only one characteristic should always be applied to everyone without distinction: it is always advisable to start the massage gently and finish in the same way. The strongest treatments are to be inserted at the center of the treatment.


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