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Reaching relaxation and well-being: how to do it?

Anyone in the span of life is faced with stressful situations, days overloaded with commitments and moments of intense anxiety. Finding the space also for moments of quiet and relaxation becomes at this point an imperative to be able to survive the daily jungle, so here are some effective techniques.


Often, in the interlocking of events that characterize the lives of many, finding a space to devote to personal well-being seems a real utopia. However, through simple measures, achieving a state of relaxation and psychophysical well-being is possible, even without having to sacrifice the precious little free time we have.

The search for relaxation against stress


Cutting time every day to get rid of the stress and tension helps to recharge the energy, and it is essential to face the days with the right spirit and always feel the best. To help you in this venture there are small gimmicks, which anyone can put into practice.


First of all it is necessary to insert pauses within the daily routine, moments in which you press the “off” key for a few minutes and which allow you to temper your mind and body. The ideal would be to unplug for ten minutes every two hours, if possible relaxing in the dark, in a quiet room, with eyes closed.


Once in this position, free your mind from every thought and start controlling your breathing: make it deep, slow and cyclic, so as to slow your heartbeats and reassure you. Also take awareness of your body: relax your muscles one at a time, visualizing their position in space and making you receptive to the feelings they send you. Once the time is up for you, get up slowly and get back to your schedule.


A variation of this exercise can be put into practice even at work, behind your desk. Instead of lying down, stay seated at your seat and perform the same kind of breathing and muscle relaxation. If the office you are in is noisy, isolated with music, maybe a playlist of your favorite songs, as long as they are relaxing: avoid dizzying with a distorted electric guitar!

Relaxation is the best gift you can give yourself


In addition to these daily “havens of peace”, allow yourself also small vices from time to time. Nothing too demanding, it is not about spending a week in a wellness center or taking a cruise to the Caribbean! Sometimes it is enough much less to reach a state of relaxation and serenity: a herbal tea with a biscuit just before bed, a long hot Sunday bath or a trip in the woods … you choose what gives you more peace, and give yourself a few hours to devote exclusively to your well-being, leaving worries, anxieties and problems out of your perception.


By following these simple methods of relaxation, you will see that arriving at the end of the day, week or month will not be so tiring!

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